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Due Diligence
Total exposure to fluoride, food and beverage sources, and shifts in professional recommendations

Fluoridation On-Point
Highlights of the Congressional Investigation, with focus on the fluoridation product

On-Point: Complete Documents
U.S. Senate Statement with complete questions from the U.S. House Committee on Science and responses from the EPA, CDC, FDA, NAS and NSF

Advocacy for Due Diligence
Contact information for participation as champion or advocate for due diligence.

Overview of: Systemic vs. Topical, Pit and Fissure Tooth Decay, Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, and Reports of Cessation of Fluoridation

Citizens' Legislative Action
Texts of citizens-initiated enacted ordinances, proposed ordinances qualified for voters' ballot, or circulating as petition; statement of reasons for enactment; news releases for initial circulation

Environmental Impact:
Washington State SEPA and Comments
Washington State Senate Bill 6672

Legal Action
Highlights of North American Litigation
California Court Rulings
Washington State Legal Action



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